Our customers are looking for design, quality and service at a competitive price. Our goal is to create objects that meet their expectations.

— Gianluca Albertin

Founder Promoingross


Founded in 2012, Exclusive Light is becoming one of the most
known brands for its particular location in the market, first
alternative to the big brands. Synonym of service and quality,
we realize and deal products that are the expression of
research and manufacturing substance. Today, Exclusive Light
collections represent a cross between the technology of the LED
source and the craftsmanship of the finishes. Design, know-how
and knowledge of ancient working are perfect expression of a
sustainable project.

Understanding the market and considering the impact on its customers of all actions and behaviour. Taking advantage of all the opportunities that present themselves in working towards the customer’s interest and needs.
Striving with determination to achieve results, while committing personally to planning, monitoring performance and generating concrete results. Being the first to imagine radically new product, service and process solutions that may effectively be implemented. Pursuing excellence without accepting current standards as satisfactory. Constantly seeking opportunities to develop existing processes and systems.
Perceiving the urgent need to implement solutions that satisfy customers while outperforming competitors. Reacting swiftly to development needs by effectively identifying the most appropriate solution. Possessing technical know-how and using this advantage to be the best. Working methodically, following the rules and being satisfied with the results. The primary goal of EXCLUSIVE LIGHT is to ensure the greatest possible satisfaction and protection of their customers by devoting attention to requests that may favour an improvement in product and service quality.